My Baguette

A few months back I added to my cookbook collection the amazing Miyoko Schinner’s latest masterpiece The Homemade Vegan Pantry. The subtitle is The Art of Making Your own Staples. Make my own staples? Ok….yes. Yes I will try. I was honestly hooked by the “from scratch” romance of it because while I am a creative and fearless cook I have never ventured into making bread, or pasta or hot sauce or ketchup or cheese or jam or…ok you get it. Not because I don’t eat these foods but why make yourself when you can buy? Right? Wrong. Eating a vegan diet has changed this way of thinking for me because truthfully not much alarms and depresses me more than this over processed, chemical laden world we live in where making basics from scratch has all but disappeared. Remember we are talking about vegan staples. Those seemed even harder to wrap my head around. Until now. I have been rolling up my sleeves a lot lately in the kitchen (don’t panic…Netflix works in the kitchen too) and proving to myself that all these elusive staples are actually so incredibly gratifying to make that I may never look back. I can’t help but think about how silly my fears have been .. particularly around bread. Homemade bread is pretty much a miracle. A miracle made out of three, maybe four ingredients and nothing tastes quite like it. I have been a terrible blogger of late so it dawned on me the other day when a friend was slathering my (Miyoko’s!) vegan butter on my (Miyoko’s!) fresh out of the oven baguette and groaning “oh my god” and “this can’t be vegan butter” and “sorry I’m talking with my mouth full” while I bounced in my chair with pride and pleasure that I should share my successes (and possible failures) with you as I work my way through this book. Tonight I am making pasta…

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