Being in yet another transition phase of my life is daunting, very confusing, hopeful and exciting.

Not having a “job” or school to show up for daily right now put me in a position this past week of being able to push aside all the “should do’s” with all the “want to do’s/need to do’s” around the outside of our house, leading up to my twins tenth birthday party yesterday (nothing like good old procrastination and having 40 people over to light the clean up fire).

Ingredients: spinach, dandelion greens, romaine lettuce, parsley, cilantro, celery, cucumber, kale, red grapes, ginger, peaches, lemon and lime

Ingredients: spinach, dandelion greens, romaine lettuce, parsley, cilantro, celery, cucumber, kale, red grapes, ginger, peaches, lemon and lime

Each morning started the same way with my daily dose of self mutilation over why I am not sitting down and taking care of my own personal business. Populating my beautiful new web site with business ideas, or heading into Toronto to school where my creative dreams lie dormant and my drawings are getting dusty. Or perhaps researching my secret project that will change not only my life but could possibly make the world a better place. Rather than giving into what I knew I should do or the noisy heckler telling me it was all for nothing anyway and I should just go for a run, I instead donned my work boots, my gardening gloves and attacked not only our vegetable garden but cleaned up our pool area, our garage and our lawns.

You might be wondering at this point what any of this has to do with green juice or coffee let alone Rich Roll. I am getting there.

I woke up this morning, exactly a week after all this laborious work began with such a bone deep fatigue I could hardly walk. I joked last night after finishing the party clean up that even my hands were tired (a feeling I haven’t had since tree planting 20 years ago). I tried eating a plate of yummy leftovers, all kinds of salads, some grilled tofu, olives…even some crusty bread, thinking all I needed was food. That I was simply at a deficit calorically from all the running around. Didn’t help. Actually made me feel like I had to lie down. As though the act of digestion was more than my body could handle. Next came a soy latte. This was going to be the game changer for sure. Not so again. Made me feel nauseous.

Now I am forced to admit that by noon I was back in bed finishing the last three chapters of Rich Rolls incredibly inspiring Finding Ultra. The book is a memoir about how it is possible to take your life back at 40 from addiction, bad food habits and a sedentary lifestyle to become arguably one the fittest and happiest men in the world. All powered by plants. All powered by plants. Light bulb moment. If Rich can power through 5 complete Ironman races in less than seven days eating a vegan diet…

“In fewer than seven days and on five separate Islands (Hawaiian), Jason Lester and Rich Roll successfully logged 12 miles of swimming, 560 miles of cycling, and 131 miles of running- 703 miles in total”.

…I can surely get my ass out of bed and make what I know will revive me. A juice.

Finished product

Finished product

I am happy to say that while I am not heading out for a run as I should be today (I have had one too many rest days from my training for a 5K) I am up, halfway through my green concoction and feeling much more hopeful and energetic.

Lesson is…juice is going to win every time. I love plants. Now if only I could trust the weather is going to stay warm so I could plant mine!

Outer vegetable garden- before

Outer vegetable garden- before

Outer garden- after

Outer garden- after


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