Kim-Chee Hand Roll

Long before I ate my last spicy tuna hand roll I found myself gravitating towards the avocado maki, the edamame, the age dashi tofu and the miso soup. What I began to realize organically (or naturally or without realizing it) was the experience was far less about eating raw fish and everything about the fresh ginger, the mirin, the soy and the nori.

I began my life as a non “meat eater” at the age of twenty. My life as a vegan evolved over the next two decades. The most powerful realization I have made about food to date is the fact that it isn’t the animal or animal product I am consuming that I crave but the comfort and the satiation I gain from textures and flavours. Textures and flavours that are woven into my DNA, into my memories, into my history…

Having the pleasure of living in New York City for a week this past April I discovered a restaurant called Beyond Sushi. Beyond Sushi indeed. Beyond Sushi has two tiny locations in Manhattan and although I have been home now for over a month I still think about what I ate there daily. A bright lightbulb went on in my head today when I realized a handroll made with Kim-chee, avocado, tofu, grilled haricot vert and six grain rice is so much more appealing and delicious to me than even the finest of sushi grade tuna ever was. Truly. And I really loved eating fish. I love eating compassionately more and my tastebuds aren’t the least bit sad or hard done by.

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