As with every January for as far back as I can remember I am filled with hope, and thinking lots about the coming months. I’m setting goals in all areas of my life…not just health. My first full year as a vegan lies ahead and my dedication, interest and excitement just keeps growing.

Here is a quick recap of the last three months since I made the switch to a 100% plant based diet.

  • firstly…it wasn’t as hard as I expected- the benefits both mental and physical far out weigh any sense of deprivation or added challenges around feeding myself
  • speaking of out weighing I am giddy to report that I not only made it through December not gaining the usual few pounds but I actually managed to lose a few- eating mindfully is incredibly rewarding…I can’t stress this enough
  • I had some blood work done as part of a regular yearly physical (I was really nervous about results) and blew my doctors mind…she literally flipped out…this test was done two months into my becoming vegan- both myself and my doctor cannot wait to retest a year or so from now to see if anything changes. To quote her “I can’t imagine you can top this but am very excited to see you do it”
  • I have been cooking and experimenting as I always do and am NEVER bored or disappointed…in fact the opposite is true….I am buzzed by every meal (as is Jay- for real)
  • I enrolled in a course to become a Certified Vegan Educator at The Main Street Vegan Academy in NYC (oh my god am I excited)…the course is just under a week long in early April…I am diligently working my way through an extensive and intensive reading list and am obviously very excited to add this experience and knowledge to help me find my voice as a Vegan Nutritionist…

There is so much more and I will begin blogging again hopefully on a by-weekly basis. That is one of my goals anyway!

To finish this up I made cheese last night…Almond cheese. It took all of 10 minutes. Today I baked it and we ate some for lunch. Warm on crackers and then just scooping it into our mouths like infants. Trust me on this. There is life after animal based cheese…

If interested .. go to http://www.choosingveg.com/11-vegan-sheeses-recipes-that-will-change for recipe(s)

BTW- the photo is of my cheese

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